2017 has been a year of wonder and growth so far.  Trips to New Zealand, the Oaxacan coast, Utah, Colorado & Chile.  Launching full operations for Left Coast Sauna, taking on new art projects, and two residential projects.


Through Cirsia Impact, I actively work on a range of research-based strategy-development projects focused on impact investing, effective philanthropy, & startup strategy. My process is iterative, open, visual, and client-driven, and roots strategic frameworks in expert interviews, continuing the research and strategy process I launched as Director of Research at Imprint Capital Advisors (acquired in 2014 and now the impact investment platform of Goldman Sachs).

More on my professional background on LinkedIn and on the range of my consulting services at Cirsia Impact.


In 2016 I co-founded a mobile sauna project with three fellow sauna-lovers. At Left Coast Sauna, we provide 100% cedar saunas to Californians in and around the Bay Area through urban pop-ups, weekend rentals, and rural events. Check us out at and @leftcoastsauna on Instagram.

Sauna culture builds organic community, comfort, and heart- and mind-health. Recent studies highlight an emerging base of evidence for the benefits of regular sauna use including lower risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Health benefits scale dramatically with frequency of use.


I like crafting warm, engaging and intuitive experiences.

Despite the prevailing wisdom of specialization, I find wonderful points of intersection between my strategy work, photography, design for technology, and design for the physical world.


Technology should make people happy.   I’ve enjoyed working on functional, efficient, and real-world-relevant technology with my brother (Sasha Klein):

Our first project was “MeatUp”, a tool for connecting local ranchers directly with consumers without asking either side to give up their natural behaviors.  MeatUp provided ranchers with a single customer that guaranteed deposits, payments and pickup for a whole animal; provided butchers with simple cut-sheets and streamlined relationships; and provided end-consumers with the chance to pick and choose cuts, preparations, and pay for exactly what they ordered versus the industry standards of ambiguous “package” prices or CSA-style boxes of surprises.

Our second project was “Planit”, a tool for sharing travel experiences and plans with friends and family.  We continue to believe that travel (and even local) reviews and recommendation tools are fundamentally dysfunctional, rooted in:

  • Advertiser-skewed content
  • Irrelevance of “the crowd” with respect to subjective tastes
  • Lack of specificity in recommendations
  • Disjointed and incomplete toolkit, especially when offline or in low-connectivity areas

Planit sought to resolve these issues by rooting recommendations in your personal network, making itineraries a plug-and-play experience, storing and accessing key content offline, and monetizing through a platform of clearly branded, curated trip blueprints and neighborhood/regional guides.


I also enjoy working on living & community spaces.   Projects have included Left Coast Sauna and its popup & event environments, residential renovations and design in the Bay Area, and hospitality projects in Argentina.